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October Update

There’s so much to like about fall. The spectacular colors, the cooler weather, and of course, Halloween. We’ll hope for nice weather this year, and hope adults and kids alike can enjoy a safe Halloween.


Have you completed the 2020 Census yet?  Your participation is vitally important not only in determining our representation in Congress, but also for funding on the state, county, and local level. It will only take minutes if you do it online, and an accurate count for Dayton could mean a larger piece of the pie for us. PLEASE HELP OUR TOWN AND BE COUNTED.


The truck dealership has submitted final plans and will be on the agenda for the October 12th council meeting to discuss their Utility Service Agreement. They still plan to break ground soon. The housing addition south of town continues to progress as well.


The Hearing for the 2021 Budget will also be held on October 12th and will begin at 6 pm. It will be a telephone Hearing, and citizens calling in will be offered an opportunity to provide testimony and comment. The meeting notice with instructions to call in and Rules of Procedure can be found on this page. 


The regular monthly meeting will follow the Budget Hearing, and you may also comment on agenda items or submit comments following the instructions provided with the meeting notice. 


Have a fun and safe October!


Stay Safe, Dayton


Town Updates

Leaf Pick Up Dates:

Monday October 26th

Monday November 9th

Two more dates to be determined based on weather. More details can be found here.

October 26th, 2020 Budget Adoption Meeting

The Dayton Town Council will meet by telephone at 6pm on Monday 10/26 to adopt the published budget and wrap up other business. The 2021 Budget documents can be viewed here. Instructions to listen can be found here.

Audio only during the meeting can be found on the town's "Dayton, Indiana" Facebook page. 


For the clearest audio you may call in to listen.


Saturday October 31st

5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Find Guidance on safe Trick or Treating on the Dayton Police Department - Indiana Facebook page. 

Links to the audio from the 2020 telephone meetings can be found here.

William Bush Started It

A long, long time ago …

…the first settlers arrived in Dayton. It was 1825 when William Bush and others settled here, and Bush probably sold the first lots about 1827, the year the town celebrates as its founding. Two years later, the town was officially platted, in two parts. In 1829, both Dr. Timothy Horram, who owned land adjoining Bush’s, and William Bush decided it was time to file a plat. The two men used the same surveyor and filed their plats on the same day, September 16, 1829. Bush called his plat Marquis (de), with all lots lying along the south side of the state road now known as Indiana 38.  Dr. Horram called his plat Fairfield, with all lots lying north of the road. Bush’s plat for Marquis was entered first (Deed Book A, p. 381), earning him the honor of town founder. Horram’s plat for Fairfield is recorded on the following page (Deed Book A, p 382.). The name Marquis may never have been used, but for some reason early local histories often get it backward, claiming that the town was first called Fairfield by William Bush, and later Marquis by Horram.

In a deed recorded October 5, 1830 (at Deed Book B, page 278), David Gregory platted an addition to the town of Fairfield, with all lots lying west of Conjunction St (alongside Fairfield) and north of the state road (across from the west half of Bush’s Marquis plat).

When the growing town applied for a post office, it was denied the use of the name Fairfield because there was already a post office by that name in Indiana, a dilemma shared with several other aspiring Fairfields around the state. Legend says Gregory offered to donate a lot for a school if the town would take the name Dayton, after the prosperous Dayton, Ohio, in the area from which Gregory and others had come. On April 19, 1831, the Dayton post office was established, and on July 5, 1831, Gregory deeded a lot for a school (lot 19; Book 58, p. 172), although it was not, as legend says, exactly on the spot where the school stands today. It was on a lot directly in front of today’s school location but facing Main Street. The one-room school was built far back on the lot, and the land where the school stands today was also Gregory land at the time, making it essentially the same location. As new buildings were erected, they were located behind the existing building, on the north edge of the town.


Much has happened in Dayton since then…

Susan Clawson

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