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Utilities and Your Dollars

Dayton residents pay for combined services on their monthly utility bill. The services provided for the monthly payments are:

  • Water

  • Wastewater

  • Storm Water

  • Garbage Collection

  • Recycle Collection

The minimum billing is approximately $80.

A little history is useful. In 1978, the Town of Dayton elected to provided wastewater to every residence through an inter-local agreement with the Lafayette Waterworks, an agency of the City of Lafayette. Twenty years later, in 1998, the Town of Dayton elected to expand the agreement with Lafayette to include water services. The agreement was needed, as more than half of the wells were pumping only discolored water for months. A few residents have maintained their wells for outside watering. All residences in Dayton are required to pay monthly fees for the five services listed.

Today, the modern system is maintained by a full-time employee who maintains pumping stations and hundreds of water meters. 

In addition to utilities provided by the Town of Dayton, residents will need electric service. Some will also need gas service.

Town Hall from Street.jpg

Dayton Town Hall 

721 Walnut Street

P O Box 557

Dayton, IN 47941


The Utility Office is now open Monday through Friday 9am-3pm and by appointment. Contact the utility clerk at 765-296-2533. option 1, or email

Utility payments may be made by cash, credit card, or check at Town Hall M-F 9am-3pm. Payments by check or money order may be paid by mail or by dropping payment in the side door (Dayton Road side) of Town Hall. To pay online click on the link below. 

Mail to: Dayton Utilities 

P. O. Box 557

Dayton, IN 47941

Duke Energy sm.jpg

Duke Energy Corporation is one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States, providing electricity to 7.6 million retail customers in six states. Duke Energy has approximately 49,500 megawatts of electric generating capacity in the Carolinas, the Midwest and Florida.

Vectren Live Smart

Vectren Corporation is an energy holding company headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. Vectren's energy delivery subsidies provide gas and/or electricity to more than 1 million customers in adjoining service territories that cover nearly two-thirds of Indiana and about 20 percent of Ohio, primarily in the west-central area. Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana North provides natural gas service to 587,000 customers in a 48-county region.

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