Police Department

The Dayton Police Department is committed to establishing a secure and safe environment for the residents of Dayton, fostering a community where families can thrive. Encouraging town residents to take pride in and feel a sense of ownership in their community, the Dayton PD adopts a common-sense approach to law enforcement. Recognizing that laws are designed to ensure our safety, officers exercise discretion by evaluating each situation based on its unique circumstances. While there are instances where arrests are necessary, there are also times when alternative courses of action are more appropriate. The police department prioritizes gaining compliance with local ordinances through education and awareness before resorting to official actions. All residents can expect fair and respectful treatment from the Dayton Police Department.

For more information on our community guidelines, local ordinances, and what you can expect from the Dayton Police Department, please check out the relevant documents below.


If you are witnessing a crime in progress or are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.

Contact Info

Robert "Scott" Taylor
Town Marshal
6531 State Road 38 E, Dayton, IN 47941
(765) 447-2219
[email protected]

dayton indiana police car parked in front of police department