The Town of Dayton offers a nearby park with serene lakes, walking trails, and fishing spots. A place of quiet reflection, it also houses the resting place of Shannon Hoon, adding a touch of history to its modest charm. Discover the beauty of nature and a glimpse into the town's past in this unassuming yet inviting community.

Come out and meet your neighbors and enjoy all of the many things that make the Town of Dayton a great place to live!


Grave of Shannon Hoon
289 Delaware St
Dayton, IN 47941

Richard Shannon Hoon (September 26, 1967 – October 21, 1995) was an American singer-songwriter and musician. He was the lead singer of the band Blind Melon from 1990 until his death in 1995. Hoon was born on September 26, 1967, in Lafayette, Indiana. He was raised in the nearby town of Dayton, Indiana, with his older half-sister, Anna and older half-brother, Tim. His father, Dick Hoon, was a bricklayer and his mother, Nel Hoon, was a manager of a bar in Dayton.

In high school, he played football, wrestled, and was a pole vaulter. Shannon's musical influences included the Grateful Dead, The Beatles, John Lennon, and Bob Dylan. After graduating from McCutcheon High School in 1985, Hoon joined a local glam metal band named Styff Kytten, which also featured guitarist Michael Kelsey, bassist Brian Bundy and drummer Barry Koch. He took on the role of front-man and lead singer of the band. It was around this time that he wrote his first song and called it "Change". Hoon was buried at Dayton Cemetery in Dayton, Indiana. His grave is inscribed with a line from Blind Melon's song "Change", the first song he wrote:

"I know we can't all stay here forever so I want to write my words on the face of today and they'll paint it."

Fairfield Lakes Park
County Roads 200 S & 750 E, Lafayette, IN 47905
Lafayette, IN 47905
(765) 567-2707
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Located at County Roads 200 S and 750 E, near Dayton, Indiana. The Park Department is in partnership with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to develop and manage Fairfield Lakes. The 4 lakes on the property were created from gravel mining and cover approximately 99.4 acres. The lakes are stocked by the IDNR with bass, crappie and bluegill. Fishing license is required. The lake located across from the parking lot (the NE lake) is stocked every spring with rainbow trout and requires a trout stamp. All lakes are stocked with catfish.

Park amenities include a handicap accessible water fountain and restroom, and walkway to the northwest lake that features 2 handicap-fishing pads. At the south end of the park is a canoe access to Wildcat Creek. This is the south fork of the creek, which has been designated as a State Scenic River, 1 of only 3 in the State of Indiana. Wildcat Creek forms part of the western boundary of Fairfield Lakes. Mowed trails surround the lakes. Boats with electric trolling motors are allowed on the lakes; however no ramps are available and dragging your boat is frowned upon as it tears up the ground and enhances erosion.

Fairfield Lakes closes at 8:30 p.m. or dusk whichever time is earlier. For information, telephone the park manager at 765-567-2707.