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Snow Removal

The Town of Dayton is committed to the safe control of snow and ice on public streets.  The Town is responsible for approximately 8 miles of secondary, and residential streets.  Factors having a significant impact on response time of town crew in salting and plowing streets and hauling snow include, but are not limited to air temperature, pavement temperature, precipitation type (i.e. freezing rain, sleet, and snow), wind speed and direction, time of day, and the expected duration of the storm event.

The Town closely monitors conditions and pre-treats roads accordingly, if the possibility of icy or snowy conditions exists.  Plowing and/or salt operations begin once snow or ice starts accumulating on streets.

Help us help you by following these guidelines:

  • Keep streets clear of cars, basketball goals, etc. for maximum snow plow access.

  • Place garbage and recycling toters at the foot of the driveway.

  • Shovel your sidewalk and driveway snow into your yard - not the street.

  • While driving, yield to snow plows - they are considered emergency vehicles.

  • Please be patient. Main streets are plowed first, then neighborhoods. Cul-de-sacs are plowed last because they take the most time and have the least traffic.


While snowplow operators make every attempt to minimize the amount of snow deposited in driveways, the amount can still be significant.  The more snow has fallen, the greater the challenge. As a resident you may help us by piling snow you have shoveled from your driveway in your yard, instead of the street. Doing this will help snowplow drivers avoid carrying piles of snow across the driveway.

Town snow plow operators make every effort to remove snow as close to the curb as practical (usually within 2 feet).

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