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Dayton Council Meetings
  Dayton Meetings since 2/23/2021 can be found on the Town of Dayton Youtube Channel.  
  Meetings are live-streamed to the Dayton, Indiana Facebook page and the
  Town of DaytonYoutube Channel.
The Audio from recent telephone meetings can be found in Dropbox at the links below or on the Town of Dayton YouTube Channel 
3/25/2021 Special Meeting
2/23/2021 Special Meeting
2/8/2021 Council Meeting
2/2/2021 Special Meeting
1/25/2021 Special Meeting
1/11/2021 Council Meeting
12/29/2020 Special Meeting
12/21/2020 Special Meeting
12/14/2020 Council Meeting
11/23/2020 Special Meeting
11/09/2020 Council Meeting
10/26/2020 Special Meeting
10/19/2020 Special Meeting
10/12/2020 Council Meeting
10/12/2020 Budget Hearing
9/18/2020 Council Meeting
9/17/2020 Council Meeting
9/14/2020 Council Meeting
8/25/2020 Special Meeting
8/12/2020 Council Meeting
7/22/2020 Special Meeting
7/13/2020 Council Meeting
6/15/2020 Council meeting
6/10/2020 Appoint Ward Seat
6/8/2020 Bid Opening
6/3/2020 Special Meeting - Road work
5/13/2020 May Council Meeting

4/7/2020 April Council Meeting

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