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Dayton Police Department 

Dispatch 765-423-9321 (primary contact number)

Office 765-447-2219 (for general information and questions)

Fax 765-449-4828


Dayton Police Department is located at 6531 State Road 38 East, Dayton, Indiana 47941

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Dayton Police Department Awarded Grant from Subaru Indiana Foundation 

 Marshal Taylor received $5829 for a Traffic Safety Project to reduce speeds on State Road 38. 


L-R Ron Koehler, Marshal Taylor, Juile Cole (SIA Foundation) Jen Manago, Stan Kyger

Info New Residents

Dayton Town Ordinances

Information for Residents


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Dayton PD Mission Statement

Information for New Residents

The Dayton Police Department welcomes you to Dayton. The following is a list of summarized ordinances that we routinely enforce that may differ from laws in the jurisdiction you came from:


  1. Trash containers must be removed from the curb after trash pick up and placed by the residence, preferably out of view if possible.

  2. Special arrangements must be made for disposal of large items such as furniture that does not fit into the trash containers. Do not leave at curb as our company will not take during normal pick up.

  3. Garbage, junk, or any other waste must not be visible from a street or alley.

  4. Yard waste such as grass and limbs are not collected and may not be left at curb.

  5. Check for leaf pick up times and instructions.

  6. Yards must be mowed regularly. Grass and leaves may not be blown on sidewalks or streets.

  7. Yard parking is prohibited. This includes the area between sidewalk and curb.

  8. Parking on and blocking sidewalks is prohibited. This includes the area in driveways where the sidewalk crosses it.

  9.  All vehicles visible from the street or alley must be operable and have current issue plates.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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PD Mission Statement

Firearms Permit.  The first step in obtaining a firearms permit is to visit the Indiana State Police Firearms web page and start the application process.  After completing the online section you will be directed to a location to obtain electronic fingerprints.  After completing that process you will be directed to contact the Dayton Police Department for a local background check and payment of the required fees.  Call us at 765-447-2219 to schedule an appointment.  Without a scheduled appointment you will not be able to complete the application process. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Dayton Police Department is to provide a safe secure environment for the citizens of Dayton to live and raise a family. We want the residents to have pride and a sense of ownership in their Town. We believe in a common-sense approach to law enforcement. We believe that laws are created to keep us all safe. We believe officers must use discretion when applying those laws by assessing every situation based on its own particular circumstance.


There are times when arrests are necessary and required. There are also times when an arrest is not the best course of action. We will attempt to gain compliance with local ordinances through education and awareness prior to official action. We will consider all points of view in any situation and strive to take the correct action. We believe that all residents should be afforded equal protection under the law.

 Dayton Police Department

Marshal Robert S. Taylor

serving since 2014

Deputy Chief Rob Hainje

serving since 2003

Deputy James Knogge

serving since 2007

Deputy Robert Loop

serving since 2018

Deputy Austin Burris

serving since 2019

Deputy Evan Tislow

serving since 2022

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