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Requested Documents

The documents found below have been requested by someone using a Public Document Request. If one person wants the document, we think others might like to see it too. We will make any document requested by anyone available here. If there's a document you would like to see, email us at, call 765-296-296-2533 or stop into Town Hall M-F 9-3.

Documents requested: attorney's itemized invoices from January 2022 - current. 1st Quarter attorney bill   2nd Quarter attorney bill

Documents requested: letters and documentation received from the building commissioner's office and area plan from David Hittle with Area Plan, John Burns with Area Plan and also Mike Wolf with the Tippecanoe County Building Commissioners office in  reference to the burned house located at 304 Dayton Road South. A letter, petition and misc things from the Building Commissioner can be found here.

Documents requested: copies of the emails from all of those people and departments. The emails are available here.

Documents requested: copy of every Claims Docket from January 1, 2022 - August 29, 2022. Claims dockets for 2022 are available on the website here.

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